The 4 Medical Schools in Georgia: Degree Programs, Tuition & Requirements

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Essential Information About Medical Schools in Georgia

There are currently only four medical schools in Georgia. One is public, while the other three are private universities. Knowing what types of degree programs each one offers helps you decide which one is best for you. This article also provides information on their tuition and degree requirements.

Each of Georgia’s four medical schools offers its own distinct educational style for future physicians. All of these programs fulfill the educational requirements for US medical licensing.

If you’re looking for medical schools in Atlanta, Georgia, there are two. Emory University and Morehouse School of Medicine are located in Atlanta. Augusta University is named after its home city. Mercer University has four campuses in the State of Georgia: Macon, Savannah, Columbus, and Atlanta. Let’s cover some best med schools in Georgia.

Medical Schools in Georgia Requirements

Here are the requirements for the four medical schools located in the State of Georgia:

1. Augusta University – Augusta, GA

Medical College of Georgia and Georgia Health Sciences University combined to create one school known as Augusta University Medical College of Georgia. It’s the state’s only public medical school. Many pre-meds who want to save as much money as possible on tuition choose this institution.

Because of its public university status, tuition is much cheaper than Peach State’s other three med schools. Augusta gives medical students access to more than 350 clinical training sites across the state. Get clinical experience in a range of settings from city hospitals to small clinics. Students gain clinical experience in a full range of medicine.

Augusta University Medical Degrees Offered

  • Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD)
  • Dual MD/Ph.D. Degree

Medical Schools in Georgia Tuition: Augusta University

  • Georgia State Residents Estimate: $6,834 per year
  • Out-of-State or International Residents Estimate: $19,234 per year

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2. Mercer University – Macon, Savannah, Columbus, and Atlanta, GA

The Mercer University School of Medicine only accepts pre-meds who are legal residents of Georgia. That means it does not accept foreign pre-meds, medical students, or graduates unless legal residency is established.

There are actually three Mercer University campuses:

  • Macon, GA
  • Savannah, GA
  • Columbus, GA
  • Atlanta, GA

Instead of lectures, Mercer teaches using a self-directed learning approach. The curriculum focuses on problem-based learning, providing clinical exposure to med students within the first few weeks.

There are small student groups with group coursework related to problem-solving. Students have direct access to faculty, who are more like tutors than instructors.

Third-year medical students participate in clinical rotations, and fourth-years serve clerkships. Their programs are offered on the university’s Columbus, GA campus.

Mercer University Medical Degrees Offered

  • Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD)
  • Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences Degree
  • Master of Science in Preclinical Sciences Degree
  • Master of Family Therapy Degree

Medical Schools in Georgia Tuition: Mercer University

Estimate: $15,204 per year

The 2 Medical Schools in Atlanta, Georgia

Currently, only there are only two main medical schools in Atlanta, Georgia. Although Mercer University does have a campus there, its main facility is not housed in Atlanta.

3. Emory University – Atlanta, GA

This is one of the two main medical schools in Atlanta, Georgia. Emory University School of Medicine offers an innovative curriculum. First-year medical students gain outpatient experience. Clinical rotations take place in a wide range of clinical sites.

Emory School of Medicine programs are unique because they provide students with extensive amounts of clinical experience. Skills training begins very early on and continues throughout the program. Students get experience in a wide array of clinical settings while getting access to the diverse patient population throughout the city.

Emory University Medical Degrees Offered

  • Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biological and Biomedical Sciences Degree (Ph.D.)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree (DPT)
  • Master of Medical Science Anesthesiology Degree (MMSc)
  • Master of Medical Science Genetic Counseling (MMSc)
  • Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant (MMSc-PA)
  • Bachelor of Medical Science Medical Imaging (BMSc)

Medical Schools in Georgia Tuition: Emory University

Estimate: $41, 940 per year

4. Morehouse University – Atlanta, GA

Morehouse is the other of the two medical schools in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s one of Atlanta’s famous historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The Morehouse School of Medicine is committed to the diverse makeup of its student body. Pre-meds with underrepresented ethnic backgrounds, such as international students, are encouraged to apply.

The med school curriculum at Morehouse includes classroom lectures, labs, and clinical training. This HBCU is affiliated with Grady Memorial Hospital, a teaching institution, and many other healthcare facilities within the area. These are the Georgia medical colleges where you can apply to be a physician.

Morehouse University Medical Degrees Offered

  • Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD)
  • Graduate Education in Biomedical Sciences Degree (Ph.D. and M.S.)
  • Graduate Education in Public Health Degree (M.P.H.)
  • Master of Clinical Research Degree (MSCR)

Medical Schools in Georgia Tuition: Morehouse University

Estimate: $24,568 per year

Requirements for Becoming a Doctor in the US

The state of Georgia requires anyone practicing medicine to be licensed. Requirements for becoming a licensed physician include:

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How to Get into Medical School So You Can Become a US Doctor

Most United States med schools require that you pass the MCAT for admissions. All four of the medical schools in Georgia require passing MCAT scores for acceptance into their programs.

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