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The MedSmarter Promise to Students Preparing for the USMLE®

The MedSmarter Promise is to provide our students with the utmost opportunity to pass the USMLE® exams by using MedSmarter’s high yield study materials and personalized learning approach.

If you utilize MedSmarter’s USMLE® Step 1, Step 2 CK, or Step 3  Live and Live Online review courses, but are unable to pass the USMLE® exam, you may repeat the same course at a discounted price.

the MedSmarter Promise Eligibility Requirements

To become eligible for The MedSmarter Promise, students must:

1. Abide by Attendance Rules

  • USMLE® Step 1 – Must attend 95% of all live or live-online course lectures
  • USMLE® Step 2 CK – Must attend 95% of all live or live-online course lectures

Note: Students meeting the criteria will be confirmed through daily attendance tracking conducted during live in-person and live online courses.

2. Complete Content Exam Provided by MedSmarter

USMLE® Step 1 & Step 2 CK Courses

  • Students must complete a Prior to Course (PTC) NBME Assessment during the first week of the course (or provide an NMBE score report not older than 1 month). There is no minimum score required on the NBME, as it is utilized to help students identify areas of strengths and weaknesses as the course begins.
  • Students must complete an End of Course NBME assessment and earn a score of at least 400 on the last scheduled day of The MedSmarter Review Course..

Who Is Not Eligible for Our Promise to USMLE® Students?

  • F-1 international students enrolled through MedSmarter on a Form I-20 are not eligible
  • Not applicable to students who are prepping only with self-study options (e.g., MedSmarter’s ExamMD products)

Benefits of The MedSmarter Promise

Students eligible for The MedSmarter Promise will be offered the following savings on retail pricing:

  • USMLE® Step 1  – Get 20% off the retail price of live in-person and live online courses
  • USMLE® Step 2 CK – Get 20% off the retail price of live in-person and live online courses

How to Redeem The MedSmarter Promise

Students can redeem The MedSmarter Promise by contacting Student Services:

  • Phone/WhatsApp Number: 678.944.7150
  • Email:
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM Eastern Time

Rules & Regulations of Our Promise to USMLE® Students

  • Expires 365 days following the completion of the Live or Live Online review course
  • Cannot be transferred or be combined with any other offers
  • It may be redeemed only once per course purchased
  • Previous enrollment and satisfaction of all requirements must be verified and confirmed within our records at the time of redemption
  • Any previous account balances must be paid prior to the redemption being accepted

Previous Student Tuition Savings

Students who have taken a MedSmarter USMLE® review course, but do not qualify for The MedSmarter Promise, are eligible for a Previous Student Tuition Savings as follows:

  • Step 1  – Save 25% on live in-person and live online courses
  • Step 2 CK – Save 25% on live in-person and live online courses

Alumni tuition savings will be applied to the full retail price of the courses. They cannot be combined with any other promotions, special offers, or group tuition pricing.


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MedSmarter USMLE Step 1 Testimonial Aury

When I started the program I had been trying on my own and felt lost, I didn’t know where to start.  Dr. Untara grounds you in a way that you know how to study and how to see the information in a way that will be asked.  They help you learn how to tackle questions and will also instruct you on how to continue studying.  I’m an IMG and am eternally great full to the program best thing that has happened to me, to be honest ????  recommendation.  I absolutely love it and will continue using their one on one services.  If you are lost and having issues with how to start, this program is for you.  Stop wasting time and get on it!

Student Dr. Aury Fernandez – USMLE Step 1

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