White Coats For Black Lives is an organization that seeks to do away with racism in the medical industry.  The main vision of the group is to ensure maximum care of patients by eliminating racism. 

The organization is run by medical students.  They draw their motivation from the National White Coat Die-In demonstrations of December 10, 2014.  The demonstrations happened after the death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.  Both were persons of color killed by police officers. 

Medical students took to the streets to demonstrate against the injustices that led up to their deaths.  This move by the medical students raised questions.  People wondered whether or not doing away with racism was the responsibility of those in the medical field.

'White Coats for Black Lives’ Marks Anniversary by Urging Actions, Not Just Words

Making a Difference: White Coats For Black Lives & Black Lives Matter

The following is a quote about the relationship between Black Lives Matter and White Coats for Black Lives from National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI):

As an organization of medical students, White Coats for Black Lives serves as a voice within medicine answering the call of the Black Lives Matter movement, which brings anti-Black racism into focus and fights for the lives and well-being of all Black people.

This organization serves as a platform for us, as medical doctors-in-training, to collectively speak up against the injustices we see both within and outside of our health care system, and become advocates for those receiving disproportionate care.

3 Main Goals of White Coats For Black Lives

The organization, as well as it’s hashtag #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives, are driven by the following three goals:

1. Create Conversations on Racism in the Healthcare Industry

The organization publicly acknowledges the existence of racism in the health department.  This stirs up conversations on the topic, keeping it hot in industry news.

White Coats for Black Lives also inspires and motivates medical students to actively take part in movements seeking to end racism.

2. Do Away with Racism in Medical Care

WCFBL wants to ensure that medical centers attend to the needs of all their patients, regardless of race.  Of course, this includes patients of color.  This ensures that interventions and research activities seeking to end racism in medicine are well-funded.

The goal is to ensure that all patients have access to quality healthcare. This is through advocating for a single-payer national health insurance program.

3. Empower Future Physicians to Join the Campaign Against Racism

White Coats for Black Lives is actively recruiting medical students of color.  These students are empowered to join the medical field. They are taught about the history of racism in the medical field.

They are guided through how to deal with certain race-related situations within the industry, and help do away with it.

This organization is in line with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  This cause brings to light problems People of Color face in America.  It also seeks to find solutions to these problems by doing away with racism completely.

#WhiteCoats4BlackLives speaks on the injustices in the medical field as it relates to people with color…both professionals as well as patients.  The movement also seeks to come up with permanent solutions to do away with racism completely in the healthcare industry.

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