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Stats & Trends for Women in Medicine: Closing the Gender Gap

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Dr. Marjorie Stiegler is a practicing surgeon. As one of America’s women in medicine, she’s also studied gender stereotypes and bias in the industry for over a decade. Over the years, the woman doctor has tolerated many cutting comments. She even talks about a senior surgeon who complained about training women surgeons. In his biased opinion, they were all going to leave their professions to go have babies. And that was during Stiegler’s surgical training! Women Physicians Share Gender Bias Job-Related Nightmares Online She called for 30 women physicians to tell their stories related to gender bias in the workplace. Soon, women from across the globe shared their [...]

4 Black Women Doctors Who Broke Barriers and Made History

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Today, there’s a shortage of African American women doctors in this country. Experts are calling for more Black women to study medicine in the US. We’ve found four Black women doctors who not only broke barriers and made history, but they absolutely kicked butt in their fields of study. These 4 Black Women Doctors Absolutely Kicked Butt Many African American women have made strides as US physicians. But these four Black women went above and beyond, becoming firsts in multiple areas of medicine. These are their stories: Black Women Doctors Breaking Barriers in Medicine 1. Doctor Rebecca Lee Crumpler Working as a nurse, Rebecca Lee Crumpler decided to attend [...]

Elizabeth Blackwell: Fighting Gender-Based Bias in the Field of Medicine

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It was 1897. And British-born Elizabeth Blackwell was trying desperately to get into medical school. She sent out multiple admission request letters, receiving one rejection after the next. One even expressed concerns that she was trying to “break” men’s heads with a stick. She was facing gender-based bias in the field of medicine. Women doctors continue breaking strides in the US. Image by skeeze from Pixabay Breaking the Gender-Based Bias in the Field of Medicine According to the rejection letters, all written by men, Blackwell was “intellectually inferior.” But this simply wasn’t the case, and she knew it. One letter, written by a med school dean, showed the true problem behind [...]

America Needs More Women Medical Students & Female Surgeons

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For the last two years, women have outpaced men in medical school attendance. This shows that more avenues are opening up for women to forge paths in areas of medicine previously denied to them. The new trend is also leading to an increase in women medical students across the country. This increase in gender diversity in medical education is good news. However, Americans still have quite a way to go in closing the gender gap faced by women in medicine. How can we close the male-dominated gender gap in the field of surgery? In what ways can we create more gender diversity for women who want to be surgeons? Women Only Represent [...]


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