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Tips for Future Doctors: How to Recover When Your Ego Renders You Powerless

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Your ego is a destructive creature that ruins relationships, even when you’re in medical school. It's a blinding force that leads you to believe you are superior, but only when compared to others. You may feel powerful. But in reality, your ego renders you powerless. It takes energy to keep up the facade of being better than everyone else. As a future doctor, just imagine where you'll be in life if you use that same energy to discover a cure for cancer, start a nonprofit for sick children or invent an innovative medical device. If you do accomplish something awesome, it must come from a place of compassion. It won't be fulfilling if [...]

7 Signs You Need to Get Your Ego in Check Before You Ruin Your Medical Career

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It’s hard for some people to stay humble knowing what they do is important in the world. That’s why doctors, lawyers and politicians are known for either being really nice, or being really cocky. As a med student, you must get your ego in check before you become a practicing physician. If not, you'll create a negative environment around you for the people you work for, with and around, as well as your patients. This bad reputation can follow you throughout your entire medical career. You Need to Get Your Ego in Check Before You Ruin Your Medical Career. Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst Get Your Ego in Check: Confidence [...]

5 Tips for Future Physicians: Taming Your Ego for Ultimate Success

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Every individual has an ego. Some egos are larger than others. And some are downright unrealistic. Are you a high-achiever dreaming of becoming doctor? Then, taming your ego is vital to your success as a med student an aspiring physician. None of us are born with an ego. It tends to develop quite quickly during childhood and matures during teen years. As adults, especially those in the business of helping people, such as healthcare professionals, empathy must outweigh egotism to provide quality care. Once your ego takes control, it’s pretty difficult to set it aside for the sake of others. Your arrogant attitude effectively drives your mental and emotional state, as well as [...]


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