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5 Common Questions Asked After Landing a Residency

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As you continue your journey of becoming a doctor in the US, you need to know the best ways to prepare for your residency. Here are some very common questions medical students have about upcoming residency programs. 1. How do I find housing in the city of my residency? Residents can’t afford to take time off for reasons like transportation problems and bad weather. During your travels to the hospital, take time to notice roads close to the medical institution. Try to find an apartment along that route. If you use public transportation to get to the hospitable, research nearby buses and trains. Then, look for rentals near the hospital that are [...]

8 Tips for Choosing a Medical School That Meets Your Residency Goals

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If you want to become a doctor in America, you must attend medical school. Each school has its own amenities and special programs to help you succeed as a future physician. The med school you choose could directly affect your chances of landing the residency of your choice. 8 Residency Tips for Med School Applicants So, how do you know which medical program is right for your future? What questions should you ask before indebting yourself to a long-term program? 8 Tips for Choosing a Medical School That Meets Your Residency Goals. Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels. Here are eight tips to help you make an educated decision [...]


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