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Working in Silos: 5 Lessons Nurses Can Teach Med School Students

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'Working in silos' is a phrase often used in the healthcare industry. The Silo Mentality refers to the mindset that leads certain departments to withhold information from others involved in the care of a patient or medical study. This leads to a reduction in efficiency and morale, which contributes to a demise in the clinical structure and culture as a whole. As a medical student, you need to understand the value of working in sync with others around you, including nurses. Working in Silos: 5 Lessons Nurses Can Teach Med School Students. Image by David Mark from Pixabay Doctors & Nurses: Working in Sync for Quality Patient Care How did this practice [...]

Doctor-Nurse Communication: Learn to Work Together Now in Med School

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Doctor-nurse communication and relationships play important roles in quality healthcare. As a future doctor, it's important to understand that you and the nurses around you will need each other. Together, you are a team! When doctors become commanding and controlling, the team becomes dysfunctional. So, you need to learn to communicate with nurses now, as a med student, before you start practicing medicine. Doctor-Nurse Communication Helps Drive High-Quality Patient Care. Image Source: Travel Nurse Source Doctor-Nurse Communication: Why Doctors Should Listen to Nurses More In a normal hospital situation, the patient care team is made up of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. This list includes med students doing clinical rotations, [...]


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