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9 Tips for Creating a Sleep Conducive Bedroom for a Good Night’s Rest

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Are you finding it hard to fall asleep? As a med student, you have a lot of work during the day. And all you want to do when you get home is eat and sleep. Having a sleep conducive bedroom is the key. If your bedroom is not well organized for optimum sleep, you will find yourself getting little or no sleep at all. How you treat your bedroom is very important to the quality of sleep you get overall. You need a sleep conducive bedroom to get the job done. Photo by Ivan Oboleninov from Pexels 9 Ways to Fix Your Environment for a Sleep Conducive Bedroom The [...]

10 Tips to Combat Insomnia So You Rock in Medical School

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It's easy to succumb to the pressure of medical school and quickly become an insomniac. Lifestyle changes help combat insomnia so you get a good night's sleep. Even if you're a resident or doing clinical rotations on the night shift, you can sleep well during the day. Just follow these tips to combating insomnia so you're at your best every day. 10 Tips to Combat Insomnia So You Rock in Medical School 10 Tips to Help Future Doctors Combat Insomnia Use these 10 tips to help you combat insomnia and get the rest you need to tackle your daily medical student, clinical rotations and residency tasks: 1. Exercise Daily Daily [...]


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