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8 Tips to Make You a Valuable Team Player During Clinical Rotations

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Your clinical placement is one of the biggest steps of your medical career so far. It’s very important that you bring value to your team to maximize your worth during clinical rotations. Want to know how? Keep reading… 8 Tips to Make You a Valuable Team Player During Clinical Rotations 8 Ways to Maximize Your Value During Clinical Placements Want to succeed and maximize your value within the clinical environment? Use the following eight tips to make you an asset to your team during clinical rotations: 1. Be Thorough Make sure to do a thorough workup on your assigned patients. Think about all labs, tests and imaging studies you want [...]

Top Pre-Med, Medical Student & Graduate Resources: June 2019 Edition

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MedSmarter Blog Roundup June 2019 Hot Blog Topics You May Have Missed We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you quality blog posts each week. Some have become hot topics among our readers. Here are a few hot posts written just for you that we think you should check out. 2019 Summer Medical Internships for High School Students Who Want to Become Doctors Know a teen planning to pursue a career in medicine? There are summer research programs that offer medical internships for high school students. So, teens can start preparing for to become doctors now, while still in school. [...]


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