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Millennial Residents: Quality Training & the Fear of Physician Burnout

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Physician burnout is a very troubling issue in the medical industry. Many of today's doctors and millennial residents suffer from mental health problems that lead to troubled marriages, depression and suicides. What's the key? For Millennial Residents: The key is identifying the signs and keeping your eyes open for mental health issues. Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash. READ: 3 Types of Residents You’ll Grow to Love (or Hate) During Med School Millennial Residency Training & Physician Burnout What is Physician Burnout? Physician burnout is classified as a psychological syndrome that can be expressed as a response to chronic occupational stressors. Back in the day, a resident would spend on average [...]

5 Common Questions Asked After Landing a Residency

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As you continue your journey of becoming a doctor in the US, you need to know the best ways to prepare for your residency. Here are some very common questions medical students have about upcoming residency programs: Where to live? Government loan forgiveness Studying tips Prepping for tests 1. How do I find housing in the city of my residency? Residents can’t afford to take time off for reasons like transportation problems and bad weather. During your travels to the hospital, take time to notice roads close to the medical institution. Try to find an apartment along that route. If you use public transportation to get to the hospitable, research nearby buses [...]

Clinical Residency Interview Tips & Tricks for Future Doctors

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As an aspiring doctor, you dream of someday getting into the residency of your choice. Well, no one can really guarantee that. But we do have clinical residency interview tips to help improve your chances. Every future physician has a dream residency in mind. You need to make sure your application shines on the long list of qualified applicants eyeing your favorite residency programs in the USA. Clinical Residency Interview Tips & Tricks for Future Doctors. Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels 3 Different Types of Residency Interviews There are three main types of interviews you may encounter when searching for a residency: 1. Phone Interviews For a phone interview, the interviewer [...]


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