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8 Tips to Make You a Valuable Team Player During Clinical Rotations

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Your clinical placement is one of the biggest steps of your medical career so far. It’s very important that you bring value to your team to maximize your worth during clinical rotations. Want to know how? Keep reading… 8 Tips to Make You a Valuable Team Player During Clinical Rotations 8 Ways to Maximize Your Value During Clinical Placements Want to succeed and maximize your value within the clinical environment? Use the following eight tips to make you an asset to your team during clinical rotations: 1. Be Thorough Make sure to do a thorough workup on your assigned patients. Think about all labs, tests and imaging studies you want [...]

Learn How to Get the Best Out of Your Clinical Rotations

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After all the hours you’ve put into attending med school, it’s finally time to explore medicine outside the classroom. You’re ready to explore the adventures of working in healthcare environments. But how do you get the best out of your clinical rotations, so you become an awesome doctor someday? Using Clinical Placements to Land a Prime Residency Interacting with real patients is something all medical students dream of doing. Also known as clerkships, clinical rotations give you chances to make long-lasting impressions on attendings, residents, directors, nurses and other hospital staff. Excelling during your clinical placement could lead to a prime residency placement! In 2015, the American Osteopathic Association published a study. It [...]

10 Tips for Developing Good Bedside Manner as a Med School Student

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Becoming a doctor requires attending medical school, passing USMLEs, gaining clinical experience, and landing a residency in your field.  Being a good doctor means learning how to respect the nurses you work with and providing patients with good bedside manner. Once your clinical rotations begin, you’ll need to learn how to thoroughly assess patients quickly. Starting intravenous lines and inserting gastric tubes will become regularly tasks. These and other types of procedures tend to make patients uncomfortable and nervous. That’s why it’s so important that you develop interpersonal skills that are strong enough to put patients at ease. This is known as good bedside manner in the medical industry. How to [...]


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