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White Coats for Black Lives: Can You Help Make a Difference?

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White Coats For Black Lives is an organization that seeks to do away with racism in the medical industry. The main vision of the group is to ensure maximum care of patients by eliminating racism.  The organization is run by medical students. They draw their motivation from the National White Coat Die-In demonstrations of December 10, 2014.  The demonstrations happened after the death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Both were persons of color killed by police officers.  Medical students took to the streets to demonstrate against the injustices that led up to their deaths. This move by the medical students raised questions. Peopled wondered whether or not doing away with racism [...]

America Needs More African American Physicians to Save Black Lives

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Damon Tweedy is an African American doctor practicing in the US. He published a memoir in 2015 entitled ‘Black Man in a White Coat’ he breaks down the medical profession, health and race from his point of view in a predominantly white industry. His diagnosis was harsh. The bottom line: Having more Black men as physicians in the US could actually save the lives of more African American men patients. MedSmarter Instructor & Student Advisor Dr. Marc Cray Diversity in the Medical Profession Only 6% of US Doctors are Black Tweedy believes diversity is a problem in the medical profession. There are very few doctors of color. And they, along [...]


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