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The Basic Guide to Becoming a Doctor in the US

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Becoming a doctor is an exciting journey – that’s why you chose this career path. You don’t just become a doctor overnight…there are some steps you have to follow to reach the top of your career. Each one is essential and has been designed specifically for the well-being of the patients and to make sure the United States attains the highest standards of medical care. Now that you are looking forward to becoming a doctor in the US, what are some of the steps you should take? The Basic Guide to Becoming a Doctor in the US The Becoming a Physician Journey: A Step-By-Step Guide For you to work and live [...]

How to Make Yourself Marketable Among Residents Competing for Physician Jobs

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You need an outstanding med school education and high-quality clinical skills to become a successful physician. These days, all job markets are tight, including those within the medical industry. That means you have some stiff competition when it comes to qualifying and winning a job that helps develop your career. It takes a competitive edge to receive good employment offers. But what does it take to build that competitive edge, so you land the position of your choice, or at least one that brings value to your career? We have some tips for you. Photo by Miguel Arcanjo Saddi from Pexels Attain a Wide Range of Work Experience Think of [...]


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