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The Story of Arpan Doshi: UK’s Youngest Doctor Ever

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When Arpan Doshi graduated from the University of Sheffield in July 2017, he was well on his way to becoming the United Kingdom’s youngest doctor. At the young age of just 16, he completed his French Baccalaureate. By 17, he was accepted into Sheffield’s medical program. Just 31 days before his 21st birthday, he received both Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees. Beating Rachael Faye Hill by only 18 days for the title of the youngest doctor in the UK. Arpan Doshi Dreams of Becoming a Doctor as a Child According to a BBC report, Doshi said: “From an early age I was fascinated by how the human body worked and it’s good to [...]

7 Steps to Become a Doctor After High School

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Medicine is one of the most awesome paths to choose as a career goal. You've probably been dreaming of becoming a doctor since early childhood. If your wise, you'll start taking steps early on to become a doctor after high school. Become a Doctor After High School: These teens are members of the Macomb Future DOcs pre-college program. Image Source: Michigan State University Different Types of Physicians in the US After certification, you can choose between becoming a general practice doctor or a specialized doctor. As a general MD, you will deal with your patients' overall health. Specialized doctors focus on specific fields of study, such as neurology, orthopedics, cardiology or [...]

2019 Summer Medical Internships for High School Students Who Want to Become Doctors

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Are you a teen planning to pursue a career in medicine? There are summer research programs that offer medical internships for high school students. So, you can start preparing for your future as a doctor now, while still in school. You need to participate in as many relevant extracurricular activities while you're still in high school. These activities help grow your medial skills while building your professional resume. They also help you stand out when it's time to apply for medical school. Learn how to be a doctor after high school Benefits of Programs for High School Students Wanting to Become Doctors The best way to stand out on your [...]


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