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Work-Life Balance: Hobbies Matter When Applying to Med School

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Many dedicated pre-med students take on the “work now, play later” philosophy. They assume it’s best to pay close attention studies and techniques and pay extra-curricular activities no mind. But the truth is… hobbies are key! Here’s why: When it comes to your medical school application, your hobbies are key to revealing your passions, communication skills and how you deal with stress. In other words, they show admissions committees that you appreciate and understand the value of work-life balance. This improves your chances of thriving in medical school. Work-Life Balance: Why Hobbies Are Key for Pre-Meds & Medical Students. Photo by Jopwell from Pexels. What Is Work-Life Balance? Essentially, work-life balance [...]

Persist While Others Quit: Stay Out of the Burnout Zone

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During your time as a medical student, you may find yourself suffering from extreme anxiety. Your deal with difficulties that can become so overwhelming that you feel like just giving up. But if you want to achieve your goals of becoming a doctor, you must persist while others quit. Your life consists of countless hours of studying and demanding tasks you must accomplish. Learning how to become a doctor is rewarding, but it is also demanding. Persist While Others Quit: Stay Out of the Burnout Zone Persist While Others Quit: How to Avoid Burnout in Med School What is the burnout zone? It's essentially a time in your life [...]


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