Dr. Marjorie Stiegler is a practicing surgeon. As one of America’s women in medicine, she’s also studied gender stereotypes and bias in the industry for over a decade.

Over the years, the woman doctor has tolerated many cutting comments. She even talks about a senior surgeon who complained about training women surgeons. In his biased opinion, they were all going to leave their professions to go have babies.

And that was during Stiegler’s surgical training!

Stats & Trends for Women in Medicine: Closing the Gender Gap

Women Physicians Share Gender Bias Job-Related Nightmares Online

She called for 30 women physicians to tell their stories related to gender bias in the workplace. Soon, women from across the globe shared their experiences of both indirect and disturbing narratives.

Dr. Stiegler says she was utterly shocked by just how many ladies were willing to publicly share their stories. You’d be amazed at some of the toxic insults and rants these women surgeons dealt with on the job.

Check out some of the tweets she got in response to her call for comments:

Women Beat Men in US Medical School Enrollment in 2017

The medical industry has always been dominated by men. But in 2017, that began to change… for the very first time ever. More women enrolled in US medical schools than men.

Beginning in the late 1990s, women rose to become over 45% of the medical students in this country. However, by 2017, they were still unrepresented in the healthcare industry when it came to leadership roles:

  • 18% of med school deans were women
  • 13% of healthcare CEOS were women

As for 2016 & 2017 medical school enrollment stats:

  • Of the 21,338 new enrollees (matriculants), 50.7% were women in 2017… 49.8% in 2016
  • From 2016 to 2017, women matriculants rose by 3.2%… men dropped by 0.3%

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Women Take Over Medical School Applications in 2018

By 2018, the numbers were even more promising when it comes to diversifying medical schools. According to AAMC data, there was an increase in the number of women who enrolled in medical school in the fall of 2018:

  • Women made up 50.9% of all applicants
  • 6% of matriculants were women (breaking this record two years in a row)

Ethnic Diversity in America’s Medical Schools (2018)

The AAMC 2018 data also tells us that US medical schools are continuously enrolling more ethnically and racially diverse groups:

  • African American med school applications rose to 5,164… an increase of 4%
  • African American medical school matriculants rose to 1,856… an increase of 4.6%
  • Alaska Natives and American Indians applicants rose to 559… an increase of 10%
  • Alaska Natives and American Indians matriculants rose to 218… an increase of 6.3%

These 2018 med school enrollees brought some pretty strong academic credentials to the table. Here were their averages before becoming medical students:

  • Average GPAL 3.72
  • Average MCAT score: 511

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