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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you quality blog posts each week. Some have become hot topics among our readers. Here are a few hot posts written just for you that we think you should check out.

Know a teen planning to pursue a career in medicine? These summer research programs offer medical internships for high school students in the U.S.

2019 Summer Medical Internships for High School Students Who Want to Become Doctors

Know a teen planning to pursue a career in medicine? There are summer research programs that offer medical internships for high school students. So, teens can start preparing for to become doctors now, while still in school.

2019 Summer Medical Internships for High School Students Who Want to Become Doctors

The 4 Medical Schools in Georgia: Degree Programs, Tuition & Requirements

The 4 Medical Schools in Georgia: Degree Programs, Tuition & Requirements

There are currently only four medical schools in Georgia. Knowing what types of degree programs each one offers helps you decide which one is best for you.

How Can Foreign Doctors and Medical Graduates Practice in the US?

How Can Foreign Medical Graduates and Doctors Practice in the US?

Finding work abroad is a major trend these days, thanks to globalization. For foreign medical graduates and doctors, the road is not always simple. But it’s worth it!

Learn How Foreign Medical Graduates and Doctors Can Practice in the US

Why Do Women Drop Out of Premed More Than Men?

Why Do Women Drop Out of Premed More Than Men in the US?

According to a new study, women drop out of premed more than men. This is even the case when they are earning high grades just like their male peers. But why?

Learn Why Women Drop Out of Premed More Than Men in the US

America Needs More Women Medical Students & Female Surgeons

America Needs More Women Medical Students & Female Surgeons

Diversity in medical education is not happening fast enough.The rate of women professors is growing much slower than the rate of women medical students and residents.

VIDEO: BIOSTATS Made Easy for USMLE Step 1

The video below is Part 1 of our Biostats Made Easy Series. We break down Biostats concepts in simple terms in shorter videos. We break it up in shorter videos, making it easier to absorb. This helps students focus on the Educational Objective to get a deep understanding of the concept.

More Popular Posts for Pre-Meds, Med Students & Graduates by Category

Here are a few more blog posts that have been very popular with our readers. We divided them up into categories to help you zoom in on the topics that interest you most.

MCAT Resources

It’s Time to Put These Top 5 MCAT Score Myths to Rest – The MCAT, or Medical College Admission Test, is a standardized exam you must pass to get into most medical schools. This article identifies misconceptions about getting high scores on this US medical exam. Learn the truth behind these MCAT score myths.
10 Tips to Help You Score 525+ on Your MCAT Exam – One pre-med student we came across aced the MCAT with a score of 525 out of 528. This equates to a 99.9% score! He shares some tips with us on how to study for the MCAT. Our goal is to help you score 525+ on your exam.

BLS & ACLS Resources

BLS Certification: American Heart Association CPR Study Guide – Are you preparing for the Basic Life Support Certification Exam? We created this study guide to help you with your BLS test prep. These are the CPR guidelines set by the American Heart Association (AHA).
10 Tips for Passing Your ACLS Certification Exam – Whether you’re a pre-med, medical student, graduate or practicing physician, you’re required to be ACLS certified. You must also get recertified or renew your provider card regularly. These tips will help you pass this US certification exam so you can become a healthcare provider and/or practice medicine.

Clinical Rotations Resources

10 Mistakes Med Students Make During Clinical Rotations – No matter the profession, mistakes are bound to happen. We all make them. However, as a professional, you must try your hardest to avoid them. Even during clinical rotations for medical students, there are common mistakes you can avoid altogether.
Learn How to Get the Best Out of Your Clinical Rotations – After all the hours you’ve put into attending med school, it’s finally time to explore medicine outside the classroom. You’re ready to explore the adventures of working in healthcare environments. But how do you get the best out of your clinical rotations, so you become an awesome doctor someday?
Working in Silos: 5 Lessons Nurses Can Teach Med School Students – The Silo Mentality refers to the mindset that leads certain departments to withhold information from others involved in the care of a patient or medical study. This leads to a reduction in efficiency and morale, which contributes to a demise in the clinical structure and culture as a whole. As a medical student, you need to understand the value of working in sync with others around you, including nurses.
7 Signs You Need to Get Your Ego in Check Before You Ruin Your Medical Career – It’s hard for some people to stay humble knowing what they do is important in the world. That’s why doctors, lawyers and politicians are known for either being really nice, or being really cocky. As a med student, you must get your ego in check before you become a practicing physician.

Pre-Med Resources

The Hospital Medical Hierarchy Every Pre-Med Should Understand – As a child, you dreamed of becoming a doctor someday. You watch Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Hope mesmerized by the power and intrigue that come with titles like resident, attending or medical director. Every pre-med should understand the medical hierarchy of a hospital, so you know just how high to dream.
What Should Premeds Do in the Summer to Enhance Med School Applications? – Summer is quickly approaching. You spent all semester listening to lectures, studying and cramming for exams. But there should be no idle time if you want to become a doctor someday. So, what should premeds do in the summer to keep the momentum going?

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