Clinical Placements Training Courses

Learn the Art of Clinical Rotations

MedSmarter Clinical Placements Training Course helps medical students prepare for clinical rotations in hospital settings. Learn from board-certified medical professionals in the Atlanta, GA area.

Learn how to land placements and succeed during your rotations in specific specialized fields. Designed for US medical students and international med school graduates working toward becoming physicians in the United States.

About Clinical Placements

Clinical rotations begin during your third year of medical school. Your clinical placement allows you to take part in rotations where you shadow residents and physicians at teaching hospitals. This gives you real patient access, as well as hands-on experience in a clinical environment.

You clinical placement acts as a informal interviews for landing a residency position. You’ll work with hospital administrators and physicians who help train you and will possibly write recommendation letters for your potential residencies.

Because rotations allow you to shadow different doctors in various disciplines, they help you determine the best residencies for you. This gives you the ability to make educated choices and decisions about the specialty you should join.

Atlanta Clinical Rotations Training

Prepare to pursue your dreams of becoming a doctor with the placements prep course. Learn how to land the placement you want, so you gain work experience in the medical specialty field of your choice.

Let experts help you prepare for rotations in hospital settings. Work with a placement coordinator to learn what it takes to get clinical rotations in specific specialized fields.