To our prospective and current students, alumni, and partners:

On behalf of the entire team at MedSmarter, I would like to sincerely and humbly thank you for an amazingly beautiful 2019.  Welcome to 2020!

A Message from the MedSmarter CEO, Welcome to 2020!

Incredibly, we have accomplished so much in just a short period.  It was only five years ago that Dr. Untara and I shared our vision of “A Smarter Approach to a Career in Medicine” with many of you for the first time; a student-centric premise based on three pillars:

  1. Personalized approach to impactful learning
  2. A deep partnership with our internal team and external partners to put student needs front and center
  3. Working together to create a platform conducive for student-centric learning and success

We have made meaningful progress in all three areas of that vision.  As we begin in 2020, MedSmarter is fortunate enough to have been engaged with students from over 85 medical universities and schools from the US and across the globe.  We are just beginning our relationship with a few of you.  However, our team has worked with many others over the years.  Regardless of how long, we are deeply grateful for the trust you have placed in MedSmarter and to push us to build something great. >> visit our stats page

With that said, I want to take a moment to recap our milestones and share what we look to accomplish in the year ahead.


  • 2019 – Launch of MD5 Program, Recognition as a Finalist for the GCC IMPACT Business Award, Academic collaboration with eDoctor (a project of DOW University and EduCast)
  • 2018 – Implementation of Clinical Experience Program, Launch of re-designed website
  • 2017 – Relocated to a larger facility, Added additional CS rooms
  • 2015 – Implementation of CS Programs & Mock Exams
  • 2014 – Implementation of Step 1 & Step 2 CK Live Review Courses, Added additional classrooms
  • 2004 – 1 on 1 Tutoring

What started in 2004 as one on one tutoring has grown into so much more.  We have paid great attention to detail to be able to continue ensuring that our core purpose remains the same.  Our #1 goal is to help medical students succeed during their journey in becoming Physicians of the Future!  All aspects of the programs we offer, as well as day to day operations, policies, and procedures, reflect our student-centric premise.

The Coming Years Ahead:

Our journey thus far has been incredible by any measure; however, we still have so much more to accomplish towards our goals.

  • One of our biggest priorities is to keep listening to you, our students, our physician preceptors, and our university affiliates. Meaning, we continue to incorporate your feedback and investing our time and resources in areas where you have guided us. For starters, we kicked off 2020 by creating a new program and innovations team focused on three key areas:
    1. Student Experience and Engagement: To use the vast amount of information we collect to improve our personalization and student experience.
    2. Custom Apps and Technology: To more deeply tie into the workflow of teaching, which creates a more seamless learning experience.
    3. Reporting and Insights: To help better identify knowledge gaps and provide more meaningful analytics and data on learning activity, content utilization, and preparedness progression
  • We will also continue investing in our student experience, data science, and technological capabilities, and global/multi-language support. The plan is to provide services that support, reinforce, and continue to build a more vibrant and productive learning culture through a student experience in an enterprise learning environment.
  • Our partnership with you will allow us a more in-depth understanding of your broader educational goals to make student learning, performance, and career goals work better together.
  • Lastly, while continuing to push our interactive learning approach through several events around the globe such as the ACGME Annual Education Conference in San Diego, CA and the AMSA 2020 Convention in Washington, DC., we are creating additional opportunities for our ever-growing student base to engage and learn from one another.

The Importance of Collaboration:

We have an incredible opportunity to accelerate student development and ease their path to a career in medicine.  Our team at MedSmarter and I could not be more excited for the year ahead.  To create something truly innovative and valuable that helps them build their skills, become real lifelong learners, and unlock tremendous value for themselves as physicians over the entirety of their careers.

Please continue to push my team and me and hold us accountable for doing what we set out to do.  I am looking forward to seeing and meeting as many of you as I can this year.  But, in the meantime, I have included my email address below; please feel free to use it.

Thank you again, on behalf of all of us, for a 2019 we will not soon forget.

Don Mahmood, C.E.O.
MedSmarter Test Prep
[email protected]

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