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Stay on track with your journey to become a physician in the US with MedSmarter BLS / ACLS Prep Courses.

MedSmarter BLS Certification Training Atlanta

MedSmarter‘s Basic Life Support or BLS training provides a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize different life-threatening emergencies, such as choking, provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use an automated external defibrillator (AED) in a safe, timely and effective manner. Newly qualified physicians will undoubtedly be placed in emergency situations where the expectation is to apply BLS skills.

MedSmarter ACLS Certification Training Atlanta

Advanced Cardiovascular Life support or Advanced Cardiac Life Support takes your life-saving skills to another level. Learn to manage airways, initiate IV access, read and interpret patient electrocardiograms and understand emergency pharmacology to become certified in ACLS. Get training so you recognize more advanced level life-threatening emergencies with MedSmarter‘s ACLS test prep course.


BLS Certification Course

BLS Prep Course provides training for current and aspiring med school students and healthcare professionals. Continue your journey toward becoming a US doctor with the certifications you need in Basic Life Support.Learn how to recognize various types of life-threatening emergencies in an effective, safe and timely fashion.


ACLS Certification Course

ACLS Training Course trains current and aspiring medical students and healthcare professionals in advanced cardiovascular life support or advanced cardiac life support. Certification is required forto practice medicine in the US. Learn to recognize different forms of life-threatening emergencies on an advanced level.


“My biggest problem was understanding the questions and psychiatry.  Dr.Untara helped me how to tackle questions, time management, and understanding of this whole exam.  She guided me through the entire process until the day before my exam.  Her useful tips got me through my exam day.  Her thorough review helped me a lot to recall things during my test.  With her help, I successfully passed step 1.”

F. Jaffery - New York, NY, USMLE Step 1

“Excellent, well thought out and well designed. This is a MUST-HAVE review program for anyone aspiring for USMLE.  Being a part of this program was most definitely a breath of fresh air.  It was not only the best prep program I have ever attended, but was also incredibly helpful in expanding my intellect.  What makes this program so unique and special is its personalized and structured approach, which let me explore my weaknesses and strengthen the same.  The instructors (Dr. Untara and Dr. Owen) were very patient and encouraging throughout, making it an incredible learning experience. Looking forward to coming back for my Step 2 classes. “

P. Karkal - Atlanta, GA (India) , USMLE Step 1

“As a mother of 3 kids, for me, it seemed impossible to take step 1, but Dr.Untara’s comprehensive and effective study plan made it possible for me to study and take this test. I Passed successfully!! I can’t be more happy to refer her to my fellows.”

F. Bin - New York, NY, USMLE Step 1

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