Your ego is a destructive creature that ruins relationships, even when you’re in medical school. It’s a blinding force that leads you to believe you are superior, but only when compared to others. You may feel powerful. But in reality, your ego renders you powerless.

It takes energy to keep up the facade of being better than everyone else. As a future doctor, just imagine where you’ll be in life if you use that same energy to discover a cure for cancer, start a nonprofit for sick children or invent an innovative medical device.

If you do accomplish something awesome, it must come from a place of compassion. It won’t be fulfilling if your ego is in the way. When you help others via ego instead of with compassion, it shows, and most people won’t appreciate it.

Tips for Future Doctors: How to Recover When Your Ego Renders You Powerless

Tips for Future Doctors: How to Recover When Your Ego Renders You Powerless. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Driving People Away with Your Powerful Ego

The people around you quickly realize your superior attitude. And that overshadows the overall deeds. Plus, you drive people away with your destructive behavior.l

It takes a team of professionals to successfully care for a sick patient… from doctors and nurses to pharmacists and therapists… everyone must work in sync to provide quality healthcare services that actually save lives.

If you let your ego drive away the people you need within your circle the most, what quality of care can you provide when you open your own medical practice someday? Who will work for you, with you and around you?

Instead of loving you for your work, some people will resent you, including your patients. It’s impossible to doctor patients from the heart when compassion is replaced with egotism.

Your ego renders you powerless. It’s time to take your power back by letting go of your ego altogether.

3 Steps to Regaining Your Power When Your Ego Renders You Powerless

Ready to make a change in this world? Do you dream of becoming a physician who’s known for great things in the medical industry? When you think of your future, do you see yourself as a successful doctor surrounded by love?

If the answer to that last question is, “yes,” you have what it takes to regain your power from your ego. Use these three steps to help you take it back after your ego renders you powerless.

1. Define Your Motivation

What was that defining moment in your past that made you want to become a doctor someday? Who or what inspired you to choose the current path you’re on for the future of your medical professional? Exactly what drives you to stay motivated and keep pushing forward every day?

It’s human nature to seek motivators in life. As you do, you may find yourself in a hostile fight between your true higher self and your ego. This is what that struggle looks like:

  • Your Higher Self – Keeps you open to learning new things, experiencing new adventures and living a life filled with purpose
  • You Ego – Forces you to be driven by the things you acquire, conquer and achieve and constantly compare yourself to others

When you live by your ego, one little glimpse of failure and you’re thrown into crisis mode. That’s because your self-worth is connected to what you think others think of you.

Instead, try learning from your failures. This is one way of taking back your power after egotism takes over. Let learning, experiences and living a purposeful life be your motivators.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

When your ego renders you powerless, you’ll find yourself always comparing yourself to other people. This practice gives your power over to those people, and in most cases, they don’t even want it.

You compare your achievements, possessions, performances and everything else. But that takes you off the path of finding your own purpose in life. Your energy is spent trying to achieve and attain what others have, instead of discovering your own path to success.

When you live by your ego, it punishes you by making you feel useless and inferior to others. You base your self-worth on what you think others think of you. So, although you may appear confident, deep down inside, your invincible attitude is all an illusion.

Don’t let your ego keep your purpose hidden from you. Find your own path on your journey to becoming a doctor. Never let your ego render you powerless over your true intended purpose in life.

3. Be Helpful, Not Hurtful

Why do you want to become a physician? As a med school student, your reason for taking this journey has probably evolved over time. But at some point, helping others in some way was probably involved.

To be a good doctor, you must have compassion for your patients and your colleagues. That means learning to listen to problems intently and becoming a part of the medical solutions.

When your ego takes over, your ability to listen and truly care gets hindered. Instead of helping people solve their problems, you put them down for not knowing the answers themselves. This pushes your patients and the people in your network away.

If you’re truly awesome at what you do, don’t put others down because they’re not. With all that awesomeness inside you, can’t you find a way to help them improve without belittling them?

Share your ideas, research findings and strategies. That way, you contribute to the medical team as a whole, instead of becoming the egotistical medical student no one wants to be around most of the time.

Be an asset to others by offering compassion and being helpful. This is a great way to take back your power when your ego renders you powerless.

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