Doctors Without Borders has been working toward changing the pattern of doctors starting their new careers in debt. This cause, known as ‘Doctors Without Debt’, may be the answer.

As the costs of medical care soar, thankfully medical tuition costs aren’t. In some cases, America’s med schools offer tuition-free programs.

Such programs are making med school education history.

Here’s how…

Doctors Without Debt: Tuition-Free Medical Schools Lead the Cause

Why Most New Doctors Start Off in Debt

Attending medical school can be very expensive for most. This has caused many new physicians to begin their medical careers deep in debt.

Because of this, many US med schools now use various means, including large donations, to offer free tuition to aspiring doctors.

In the past, these donations were generally used to construct buildings and other infrastructures dedicated and named after individual scholarships and donors.

Today, many schools prefer to use donor funds to provide much-needed scholarships for individual medical students. This helps make it more affordable for them to attain medical degrees.

What Is the ‘Doctors Without Borders’ Movement?

Will the Doctors Without Debt Movement Succeed?

Doctors Without Borders is a global, independent movement dedicated to providing quality healthcare wherever it’s needed, even across borders.

Another goal of the movement is to help provide free tuition for medical students in an effort to add them to the list of Doctors Without Debt. This adds to the pot of resources created by “free funding programs” such as grants.

According to Cornell University:

“By replacing student loans with scholarships that cover tuition, housing and other living expenses, the program ensures that all students, including those from economically diverse backgrounds, can pursue their medical education without financial burden.

This program empowers students to ultimately focus their careers on their interests and talents, rather than the requisite future salaries to repay their loans.”

Many wonder if this move will lead to an increase in doctors without debt in America. Only time will tell.

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