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MedSmarter FULL Live USMLE Step 2 CS Mock Exam Course is structured to allow our team of physicians to accurately assess your clinical abilities. This FULL Mock Exam edition allows them to examine your level of competence in 12 full standardized patient encounters (Interview, Physical Exam, Patient Notes).

Type: Live Lecture
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Get comprehensive feedback from our instructors, who are licensed healthcare professionals. They evaluate your CS skills and and grade your performance. This determines your ability to pass the actual USMLE Step CS exam.

Our physicians guide and counsel you on your performance during each patient encounter. The goal of the Full Step 2 CS Mock Exam Course is to help you improve and overcome any potential weak areas prior to taking the actual test. That way, you can continue your journey toward becoming a doctor in the US.

Benefits of Taking MedSmarter Full USMLE Step 2 CS Mock Exam

This Full version is one of the best Step 2 CS mock exam in Atlanta, Georgia. These are some of the unique features of this USMLE CS course:

  • Class sizes are limited to 3 students, so you get all the 1:1 attention you need to learn the CS material
  • Get full, uninterrupted attention from our lead physician in 6 to 7-hour course sessions
  • Full Step 2 CS mock exams are taken in well-equipped CS-like exam rooms, giving you the same experience as the actual test
  • 1-on-1 consultation following your exam, allowing you to ask questions and/or seek guidance as you proceed on your medical career journey
  • Mock cases are similar to the actual CS exam, ensuring the level of difficulty and challenges are exactly as what you can expect during the exam
  • We identify any potential weak areas prior to you taking the actual exam, ensuring that you do not fail on exam day

MedSmarter‘s Full Step 2 CS Mock Exam

During your full CS mock exam, you’ll be presented with several standardized patient cases to assess your physical exam-performing and history-taking skills. Our physician will assess your ability to communicate your clinical thoughts and diagnoses with the patients.

These mock clinical cases allow you to exhibit your skills dealing with standardized patients. Take this course to develop your clinical skills in the following ways:

  • Determine your areas of weaknesses and strengths
  • Get assessments on your techniques
  • Learn how to master techniques where you’re weak
  • Real-life clinical scenarios in CS-like exam room
  • Cover multiple clinical cases in CS-like environment
  • Learn exam-taking tips and tricks
  • Practice exam-related stress management techniques
  • Get hands-on practice with immediate feedback

How to Get Started with MedSmarter Step 2 CS Full Mock Exam

Enroll in this comprehensive course below. You will hear from our scheduling department within 24 hours. They will work with you to reserve a seat in a mock exam course that meets your scheduling needs.

**Inquire about institutional pricing by emailing [email protected]


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USMLE Step 2 CS Mock Exam
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“Taking the Mock Exam at MedSmarter was a very good step.  I believe I made the right decision to take the Mock with them.  I had 12 different cases, the rooms were well equipped, and the SPs were professional and well trained.  Dr. Shoaib Shariff, my instructor was very kind I feel he did a very good job.  He was very attentive and gave me very detailed feedback on my performance.  I definitely recommend MedSmarter to anyone planning to give the Step 2 CS Exam.”

N. Agou - Dunwoody, GA, USMLE Step 2 CS

“I am so appreciative and grateful to Dr. Untara and her team at Medsmarter for helping me with step 2 CS prep. The mock test was an eye-opener. They pointed out every mistake which I did not realize I had been making all along.  Even though I had practiced for almost 2 months, I was lacking in many areas.  Step 2 CS is all about organizing your thoughts and following a systemic approach for every patient encounter.  That is exactly what Medsmarter teaches you.  Dr. Untara and her team were very patient with me and I must add that they take very good care of their students.  I would highly recommend Medsmarter to all IMG’s who are planning to give USMLE steps.”

G. Pednekar - Houston, TX, USMLE Step 2 CS

“Temporary testimonial”

A. Temp - Anytown, GA, USMLE Step 2 CS

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