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Preparing for your residency is simple when you follow a proven method. The key is to sell your personal brand with confidence. Learn how to find, apply for, interview for and land residencies at quality teaching hospitals using the ERMI residency prep style.

MedSmarter helps you put together an application package that woos, impresses and inspires readers. Showcase your skills in a specific medical specialty to land the residency of your choice.

Type: Live Lecture, Over the Phone or Online
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MedSmarter Live ERMI Prep Course for US Residencies

Learn how to put together a professional residency application package that includes ERMI: essay, resume, mock interview. Work toward your dreams of practicing medicine as a US doctor with a residency in the specific medical specialty of your choice.

Get live training from industry experts who help you prepare tailored applications for the specialized residency programs you want to join. Work hand-in-hand with your instructor in one of the best medical residency interview preparation courses in the US.

MedSmarter ERMI Residency Prep Course Details

When you’re ready to start looking for residencies, you’ll find there’s a lot of competition out there. This is especially true for certain fields of medicine. MedSmarter‘s ERMI residency prep course features the following to help you succeed:

  • How to sell your personal brand
  • Creating personalized application packages
  • Personal statement assistance
  • Help to create a resume
  • Residency interview preparation
  • Overall US residency program application assistance

A large part of achieving your goal of becoming a doctor in the United States is based on landing the best residency for the type of medicine you want to practice. Your residency applications need to be tailored so your individual qualifications, requirements and career goals complement those of the residency program.

Get training to help you land that dream US residency. MedSmarter’s ERMI residency interview preparation courses help you achieve your medical career goals.

Choose from the Following Residency Prep Courses

  • Essay Prep Course
  • Resume Prep Course
  • Mock Interview Prep Course
  • Full Package Residency Prep Course


  • Essay/Personal Statement


  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Mock Interview

  • Mock Interview

Full Package

  • E.R.M.I Bundle

About ERMI: Essay, Resume, Mock Interview

What is ERMI? MedSmarter uses the ERMI method to teach each medical student how to find a good residency. Let’s examine the ERMI residency preparation procedure in depth:

  • E = Essay
  • R = Resume
  • MI = Mock Interview

Essay (Personal Statement)

In addition to test scores and CVs, Residency Program Directors examine your essay, also known as a personal statement, very closely. This helps them determine if you will be the right fit for their program.

Work with your assigned editor one-on-one to develop an initial outline and identify concepts and ideas that are relevant to each individual residency application. We ensure you have a personal statement that stands out from the crowd in the most professional manner.

Resume (Curriculum Vitae)

One of the most valuable tools in the residency application process is your resume. Many med students make the mistake of presenting resumes that are cluttered with information thinking that will impress the committee. This only makes the CV difficult to read and buries any information that may have been relevant among the clutter.

Let us help you prepare a CV that highlights your experience and professionalism in the medial industry. Our writers ensure your medical career resume is in a format that’s professional and easy to read with the precise information recruiters look for in a CV.

Mock Interview

After all of the hard work, sacrifices and residency preparation, you have finally come to the point of your residency interview. Don’t panic. Stay calm and let your med school training speak for your brand… which is you!

Our residency interview preparation coaches understand the process. They will train you on how to showcase your unique abilities in a way that is appealing to the masses, yet unique too. MedSmarter’s residency mock interviews come with two main options:

  • Live, In-Person Residency Prep
  • Over the Phone Residency Preparation

Online Residency Interview Preparation can be scheduled under special circumstances.

Each mock interview residency prep session is specific to the individual applicant. They range from easy to difficult scenarios to prepare med school candidates for fast-paced realistic interviews.

MedSmarter: The Best Residency Prep Course in Atlanta

In 2019, most medical residency programs are listed in the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) database. Search online to find the right residency for you.  Then, let us help you prepare your application to improve your chances of getting accepted in the program you dream about most.

Contact an adviser if you have any questions. Or enroll now in one of the best ERMI residency prep courses in the US now.


“My biggest problem was understanding the questions and psychiatry.  Dr.Untara helped me how to tackle questions, time management, and understanding of this whole exam.  She guided me through the entire process until the day before my exam.  Her useful tips got me through my exam day.  Her thorough review helped me a lot to recall things during my test.  With her help, I successfully passed step 1.”
F. Jaffery - New York, NY, USMLE Step 1
“Excellent, well thought out and well designed. This is a MUST-HAVE review program for anyone aspiring for USMLE.  Being a part of this program was most definitely a breath of fresh air.  It was not only the best prep program I have ever attended, but was also incredibly helpful in expanding my intellect.  What makes this program so unique and special is its personalized and structured approach, which let me explore my weaknesses and strengthen the same.  The instructors (Dr. Untara and Dr. Owen) were very patient and encouraging throughout, making it an incredible learning experience. Looking forward to coming back for my Step 2 classes. “
P. Karkal - Atlanta, GA (India) , USMLE Step 1
“As a mother of 3 kids, for me, it seemed impossible to take step 1, but Dr.Untara’s comprehensive and effective study plan made it possible for me to study and take this test. I Passed successfully!! I can’t be more happy to refer her to my fellows.”
F. Bin - New York, NY, USMLE Step 1

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