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MedSmarter Clinical Placements Training Course helps medical students prepare for rotations in hospital settings. Work with a placement coordinator to learn what it takes to get clinical rotations in specific specialized fields.

Taught by board-certified medical professionals, it’s designed for medical students and graduates in the US. This prep course is also perfect for international medical students, graduates, and physicians working toward becoming doctors in the United States.

Learn from industry experts how to land successful clinical placements for valuable work experience and internships.

Type: Live
When: Scheduled Upon Spot Availability
Time Frame: 4 – 12 Weeks
Location: Atlanta, GA

MedSmarter Clinical Placements Prep Course Details

International medical students and graduates should seek clinical rotations in the US that best match their career goals as doctors.  MedSmarter assists with every aspect of the clinical placement process.

Learn what it takes to land a clinical placement in the United States on your journey to becoming a US doctor. This preparation course features:

  • Clinical Performance Evaluations
  • Letters of Recommendation from Board Certified Physicians
  • Core Rotations– Family medicine, internal medicine, OBGYN, psychiatry, pediatrics, and surgery
  • Elective Rotations– allergy & immunology, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, emergency medicine, gastroenterology, hematology & oncology, ICU, infectious disease, nephrology, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pathology, plastic surgery, PM&R, pulmonology, radiology, and more

It’s taught by a professional clinical placement coordinator who knows the industry. Be prepared to find the right placement, so you get the clinical training and experience you need to pursue a career as a doctor in your medical specialty of choice.

Documentation Required for Clinical Placements

Your MedSmarter clinical placement coordinator will help you put everything together in an organized manner. The following are required to begin clinical placements:

  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Health Records (immunizations, physical exam, PPD, flu vaccine)
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Resume/CV
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • USMLE Board Exam Report (if available)
  • Copy of Photo ID or Passport

USMLE Step 1 exam report is not a requirement for most US clinical placements. Learn more from the ECFMG (Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates).

The Importance of Clinical Placements

What are clinical placements? It’s an arrangement that provides a medical student with the opportunity to work within a healthcare environment or one that provides related services to the public or private patients.

Med school students in placements are actively involved with caring for patients or they actively observe the social and healthcare processes. Placements take place in various healthcare settings, including the following:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Community
  • Social

Clinical rotations and work experience go hand-and-hand for people studying to become doctors. But landing them is not always easy.

Benefits of MedSmarter Clinical Placements

Somewhere between your third and fourth year as a medical student, you need to start getting clinical experience. Landing a placement is not always easy, especially with so much competition in the industry.

Our clinical placements prep course teaches the tips and tricks of finding the right placement for you, within your chosen field of expertise as a doctor. Here are some of the benefits of taking a preparation course for clinical placements:

  • Gain a reputation in the industry
  • Get familiar with nurses and other industry professionals
  • Scheduled mentoring, coaching, and teaching sessions
  • Tips for getting the most out of your clinical placement
  • Increased exposure to patients and healthcare environments
  • Access to clinical placement to help through the process

MedSmarter Clinical Rotations & Work Experience Atlanta

Prepare to pursue your dreams of becoming a doctor with the placements prep course. Learn how to land the placement you want, so you gain work experience in the medical specialty field of your choice.

Designed and taught by board-certified medical professionals, MedSmarter’s clinical placements prep course helps you use what you learned in med school to get the placement you deserve. Land a residency and work toward becoming a doctor in the US with valuable work experience.

Contact an advisor if you have any questions. Or enroll now in one of the best clinical placement preparation courses in the US.

Ready to learn more?  Call 1-678-944-7150 to speak with an adviser.

The MedSmarter roadmap will make your journey to becoming a practicing physician in the United States as painless as possible.

Clinical Placements Application

$9500One Time Documentation Processing Fee


“My biggest problem was understanding the questions and psychiatry.  Dr.Untara helped me how to tackle questions, time management, and understanding of this whole exam.  She guided me through the entire process until the day before my exam.  Her useful tips got me through my exam day.  Her thorough review helped me a lot to recall things during my test.  With her help, I successfully passed step 1.”
F. Jaffery - New York, NY, USMLE Step 1
“Excellent, well thought out and well designed. This is a MUST-HAVE review program for anyone aspiring for USMLE.  Being a part of this program was most definitely a breath of fresh air.  It was not only the best prep program I have ever attended, but was also incredibly helpful in expanding my intellect.  What makes this program so unique and special is its personalized and structured approach, which let me explore my weaknesses and strengthen the same.  The instructors (Dr. Untara and Dr. Owen) were very patient and encouraging throughout, making it an incredible learning experience. Looking forward to coming back for my Step 2 classes. “
P. Karkal - Atlanta, GA (India) , USMLE Step 1
“As a mother of 3 kids, for me, it seemed impossible to take step 1, but Dr.Untara’s comprehensive and effective study plan made it possible for me to study and take this test. I Passed successfully!! I can’t be more happy to refer her to my fellows.”
F. Bin - New York, NY, USMLE Step 1

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