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Costs of Taking the MCAT

If you dream of becoming a doctor, attending medical school is an investment you must make. But the costs of getting into med school can be overwhelming for some.

Let’s discuss some of the costs of applying to medical school.

You won’t want to miss this…

Most US medical schools require that all applicants submit MCAT scores with their applications. MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test. It determines a person’s likelihood of successfully completing med school.

You must pay a registration fee to take the MCAT. The amount you pay is based on how far in advance you register. It’s offered around 30 times annually.

How can you save money?

Pre-meds and other potential medical students may register up to eight days before a test date:

  • Register 8-15 days in advance = The cost is $315
  • Register 16 or more days in advance = The cost increases to $370
  • Cancelling comes with a fee

So, register far in advance… and do not cancel.

Costs of Applying to Medical School

More than likely, you’ll submit your application(s) through the American Medical College Application Service. Here are the costs of submitting medical school applications through AMCAS:

  • First school = $170
  • Each additional school = $39

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, in 2018-2019, the average applicant applied to 16 medical schools.

What did that cost?

That adds up to an additional $750 in med school application costs alone.

Other charges:

Med schools considering you will ask for your undergraduate transcripts. There are additional costs to transmit these documents through AMCAS.

Help is available…

If you come from a low-income household, there are fee assistance programs for both the MCAT and AMCAS application fees. Check out the AAMC Fee Assistance Program for details.

Costs of In-Person Med School Interviews

Not every potential medical student is invited to an interview. But if one of your ideal programs does call for an in-person meeting, you may incur traveling expenses.

This could mean purchasing airline tickets, renting a hotel room, or maybe even renting a car. And this is for each and every interview you accept that’s not in your local area.

Save a Few Dollars:

Here are a few cost-saving tips when traveling for medical school interviews:

  • Use points for airline tickets
  • Stay with family or friends while out of town
  • Network with alumni to find places you can crash for cheap
  • Schedule multiple interviews within the same area when you can
  • Research the medical school so you don’t travel to places not suited for you

Costs of MCAT Test Prep

Getting a high MCAT score doesn’t guarantee you admission into the medical school of your dreams. But it does increase your chances of getting into a good med school.

What’s the purpose of the MCAT?

The MCAT wasn’t necessarily designed just to show off your medical skills. It actually measures your likelihood of successfully completing medical school… and that’s the actual goal.

Schools of medicine want students that are most likely to graduate and go on to become physicians.

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Let our team of physician instructors help you pass the MCAT through an in-person prep course or 1:1 MCAT tutoring. We’ll help you achieve your maximum score on this US medical exam.

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