Top Pre-Med, Medical Student & Graduate Resources: July 2019 Edition

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MedSmarter Blog Roundup June 2019

Hot Blog Topics You May Have Missed

We’ve spent the past month producing some high-quality YouTube videos and blog posts for both top premed and med school students. These are some of the hot topics that our readers and subscribers made popular throughout June.
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2019 Summer Medical Internships for High School Students Who Want to Become Doctors

Know a teen planning to pursue a career in medicine? There are summer research programs that offer medical internships for high school students. So, teens can start preparing to become doctors now, while still in school.

2019 Summer Medical Internships for High School Students Who Want to Become Doctors

BLS Certification: American Heart Association CPR Study Guide

Use these guidelines to help you perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on someone who’s breathing abnormally or is not breathing at all.

10 Tips for Passing Your ACLS Certification Exam

Are you preparing to get certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support? We have 10 tips to help you study so you’re well prepared to pass the ACLS certification exam.

Learn How Foreign Medical Graduates and Doctors Can Practice in the US

10 Tips to Help You Score 525+ on Your MCAT Exam

What is the lowest MCAT score accepted into med school? Well, that depends on the institution. Each school sets its own standards. There are some easy medical schools to get into with median MCAT scores as low as 490.

Learn Why Women Drop Out of Premed More Than Men in the US

7 Signs You Need to Get Your Ego in Check Before You Ruin Your Medical Career

It’s hard for some people to stay humble knowing what they do is important in the world. That’s why doctors, lawyers and politicians are known for either being really nice, or being really cocky. As a med student, you must get your ego in check before you become a practicing physician.

VIDEO: USMLE Step 1 Pathophysiology of Diabetes, Part 1

The attached Video is Part 1 of 2 videos. We break down the concepts in simple terms in shorter videos so students can focus on the Educational Objective to get a deep understanding of the concept. Visit the MedSmarter YouTube Channel.

More Popular Posts for Pre-Meds, Med Students & Graduates by Category

Here are a few more blog posts that have been very popular with our readers. We divided them up into categories to help you zoom in on the topics that interest you most.

Featured Topic: Diabetes

Medical Student Specialties: How Can You Specialize in Diabetes? – Are you a medical student interested in specializing in diabetes? Do you dream of helping people reverse Type 2 or take control of Type 1? Let’s examine three fields of study that specialize in helping patients manage this blood sugar disease.

Local Suwanee, Georgia Resources

The 4 Medical Schools in Georgia: Degree Programs, Tuition & Requirements – There are currently only four medical schools in Georgia. One is public, while the other three are private universities. Knowing what types of degree programs each one offers helps you decide which one is best for you. This article also provides information on their tuition and degree requirements.

Why Would a Medical Student Want to Live in Suwanee, Georgia? – Money magazine voted Suwanee, Georgia one of America’s Top 10 Best Places to Live. This is awesome news for medical students attending Emory, Morehouse, Augusta or Mercer University. Not everyone wants to live in the Big City of Atlanta.

Pre-Med Resources

7 Steps to Become a Doctor After High School – Medicine is one of the most awesome paths to choose as a career goal. You’ve probably been dreaming of becoming a doctor since early childhood. If your wise, you’ll start taking steps early on to become a doctor after high school.

10 Steps to Creating a Medical School Admissions Resume That Woos Them – Do you plan on applying to med school someday? Then, you need a medical school admissions resume that’s absolutely flawless. It needs to dazzle administrators responsible for reading countless applications from aspiring doctors.

The Hospital Medical Hierarchy Every Pre-Med Should Understand – As a child, you dreamed of becoming a doctor someday. You watch Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Hope mesmerized by the power and intrigue that come with titles like resident, attending or medical director. Every pre-med should understand the medical hierarchy of a hospital, so you know just how high to dream.

Medical Student Resources

10 Mistakes Med Students Make During Clinical Rotations – No matter the profession, mistakes are bound to happen. We all make them. However, as a professional, you must try your hardest to avoid them. Even during clinical rotations for medical students, there are common mistakes you can avoid altogether.

Working in Silos: 5 Lessons Nurses Can Teach Med School Students – ‘Working in silos‘ is a phrase often used in the healthcare industry. The Silo Mentality refers to the mindset that leads certain departments to withhold information from others involved in the care of a patient or medical study.

The Life of a Medical Student: 10 Things Only You Understand – Many things medical students go through can’t be understood by other people. Only future doctors find joy in sitting in a lab full of cadavers and handling organs. They also enjoy the complex medical terms used in class that only medical professionals understand. This is the life of a medical student.

5 Tips for Future Physicians: Taming Your Ego for Ultimate Success – Every individual has an ego. Some egos are larger than others. And some are downright unrealistic. Are you a high-achiever dreaming of becoming a doctor? Then, taming your ego is vital to your success as a med student an aspiring physician.

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