How to Make Studying Med School Stuff Less Boring

How to Make Studying Med School Stuff Less Boring

9 Tips to Kill Boredom When Studying Med School Stuff

One thing every medical student can agree on is that studying med school stuff can be boring at times. However, you must do it to succeed in medical school.

Let’s discuss various ways to take the boredom out of studying.

Follow these nine tips to make your study sessions more effective. Let us help you make studying med school stuff a little more enjoyable:

1. Follow the “Goals & Rewards” Rule

A great way to fight off boredom while studying is to set small goals to motivate yourself. For instance, if you must study anatomy or other science-related subjects, tell yourself you won’t leave your desk until you have a clear idea and understanding of the content you just covered.

After a productive study session, reward yourself for your hard work. Treat yourself to a nice meal or get something small maybe you have had your eyes on… movie night, cheesecake, late-night swim…

Give yourself small rewards regularly to inspire you to keep excelling in your studies.

2. Pick a Good Time

While some prefer mornings, others find it more accommodating to study at night. No matter what way you choose, pick the time of day you feel most active and make sure to use the time effectively.

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3. Never Lay Down

Never lay down while studying. To stay focused, it’s best to sit at your desk. Make sure you have a comfortable chair to sit in and always sit up straight.

4. Create an End Goal

One of the biggest reasons why people get bored studying is because they have no plan or end goal planned out. Before beginning your studying for the day, jot down some notes.

For example, write down the chapter or chapters you’d like to get through or how many assignments you must get done during your study time.

It will be much easier to study once you have a concise clear to-do list. This ensures that you feel more focused so you get your studies done more accurately.

5. Come Up with Creative Methods

Be creative to make your sessions more successful and not to mention fun:

  • Come up with a little phrase or song to remember what you read
  • Underline the materials you read to help you zero in on the key points
  • Make charts or graphs using bold colors to help retain what you study
  • Use post-its and keep them in plain view to help you remember specific content you’re having a tough time memorizing

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6. Take Regular Breaks

Taking breaks while studying med school is crucial to avoid burnout and stress. You need to rest your eyes, so they do not become strained. Relax your hands and clear your mind. For every 50 minutes, you study, take a 10-minute break. Get up and walk around, and get a drink of water.  These breaks help you continue to study and stay on task.

7. Eat Healthy Foods & Portions

Avoid eating large portions of fatty foods before studying or taking an exam. This makes you feel tired and sluggish. Eat healthy foods and snacks so your brain can think properly, so your study time is successful. Load up on fruits, veggies and nuts that are great brain-boosting snacks.

8. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important for your brain to function and focus during USMLEs and other medical exams. Don’t pull an all-nighter trying to cram for a test. This will make the situation even worse because you won’t be able to remember what you studied anyway.

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9. Study in a Group

Individual studying is crucial. However, studying with a small group is a great way to make studying med school stuff less boring. You certainly can learn a lot more when you study in a small group.

Furthermore, a study group can help motivate you to study as well.

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