It’s here! 2.0

It’s here! The Re-Designed Website Launch of 2.0

It’s here! The Re-Designed Website Launch of 2.0

It’s not news, but it is our job to keep you informed – It’s happened! A little over two months into the New Year, and it looks like we are heading in the right direction.  Despite the challenges of recent events.  MedSmarter’s redesigned website has launched and is now live.

After several months of dedicated hard work, we are excited to make this announcement.  The goal was to provide an enhanced user experience – including visually appealing aesthetics, simplified content, increased visibility of courses and programs offered, and access to some free resources. 

The updated site also boasts more streamlined menus, cleaner navigation, and a responsive layout for all platforms.

Why was the change needed?

We started with the same question. Committed to improving processes that align with the programs we offer, we needed to make some changes. We wanted to ensure our students could find easily in search engines.  Once on the site, we needed to make sure they can locate the necessary information pertinent to their needs with ease. So, we set out to update the design and functionality to enhance the site as well as add additional features including some free resources to match the services and programs we offer.  

What are we not changing? 

Our Core Values: Honesty, integrity, hard work, and dedication. These are the core values that help shape aspiring doctors with medical skills and a good bedside manner. We aim to continue to instill those same values in all of our students.  

Our Commitment: Provide the personal attention our students need and the professional attention our future physicians deserve. We genuinely want to help every one of our students succeed in achieving their desired goals and will continue to do so.

Our Philosophy: We put the needs of our students first! This approach helps us ensure a positive learning experience that assists you with paving a pathway to success. Our qualified instructors and our high-yield programs provide a focus-oriented approach to passing the required exams leading to well-rounded practicing physicians in the US.

What has changed?

We’re glad you asked. It’s not only the new aesthetic look but also a more simplified layout, easy to comprehend content, and navigation to quickly find what you need. We want to provide the best possible experience for our students, faculty, staff, or anyone that visits our site.

Aesthetics: Right off the bat, you will notice the slight adjustment to our header logo and color scheme. And do say hello to the new 2D characters that we added. You’ll see them in several areas of the site to make it more creative, pleasant, and modernly appealing while you visit. We feel this look will provide a more pleasing experience than the previous website. 

Simplified Content: You, our visitors, should be able to find what you are looking for very quickly. Also, we wanted to address as many questions as possible that you may have based on previous students’ feedback. The content is now in a simple, easy-to-understand, and cohesive format. 

Enhanced Visibility: The standards of visibility for the courses and programs we offer are more prominent. This new layout will help you get all the required information, including duration, timings, how classes work, what is included in the courses, and common FAQs, 

More Straightforward Navigation:  You will notice that navigating the site is much simpler. As you first arrive on the home page, the program formats are clearly labeled. Further, each program has a separate button as well as being on the drop-down menu. We implemented these changes so that you can find the information you need without any complicated steps.

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Along with the updated design and layout of pages, we have added additional functionality as well:

Topics a la Carte: Do you need to focus on weaknesses on a specific topic? If preparing for USMLE Step 1 or Step 2 CK, you can now choose the subject you want to attend without purchasing the entire course.  

Free Practice Quizzes: Take a short 10 question quiz to assess where you are in your prep. We have implemented a few free practice quizzes for MCAT, USMLE Step 1, and USMLE Step 2 CK to help gauge your readiness.

Upcoming Program Expansion: Introducing MedSmarter’s MedSchool Application Assistance. There may not be a better way to learn the ins and outs of applying for medical school than from those who work with medical students every day. Our dedicated staff will assist at every stage of the process: application review, personal statement editing, interview preparation. This will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Opportunities to Save, Experience, & Grow: Our referral, student ambassador, and affiliate programs have been around for a while.  To make it an easier process for students and associates to take advantage of the opportunities, we have dedicated a page to each of the programs. Again, for a simpler, more logical, and easier user experience than the previous website.

Communication – now you can message us from your WhatsApp number internationally. We are here to help address any questions you may have about the courses and services we offer. No more waiting for the replies to emails and getting back over calls.     

Feel free to explore our website to learn more about the full spectrum of programs we offer! A very special thank you to the z2 Squared team and the MedSmarter students and staff who provided invaluable feedback and input for this redesign to be successful.

The team at MedSmarter is devoted to assisting medical students, IMGs, and physicians in succeeding in their journeys toward becoming practicing physicians in the United States. 

Your feedback and input are vital to us as we continue to grow and add more features and content that are valuable to you.

Maximize your preparation by choosing to succeed with the appropriate MedSmarter courses you need.

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