Proceed While Others Stand Still: 6 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

Proceed While Others Stand Still 6 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

Proceed While Others Stand Still: 6 Tips for Waking Up with a Positive Attitude

It can be difficult getting out of bed in the mornings after a long night of studying. Being a med student means getting up early to do work and taking care of late-night work, all on the same day. Because in the medical industry, you must proceed while others standstill. Let’s cover 6 tips for becoming a morning person.

Despite the difficulties, it’s possible to start a long day on a positive note. This makes it easier to accomplish your daily medical career goals. So, we have tips to help you push forward, even when the people around you are still asleep.

You may never really become a ‘morning person. But you can learn how to be more positive before sunrise.

As a medical school student, you need to start preparing your mind and body for becoming a doctor now. That means learning how to proceed while others standstill.

Use these six tips for medical students to help you get up in the mornings with a positive outlook on life… and the upcoming day:

1. Get Physical

For many people, getting out of bed is the worst part of the day. If you’re a med student feeling stretched thin from all the studying you have to look forward to, it’s easy to say ‘just five more minutes.’

Most of us are guilty of pressing snooze once or twice. But by the third time, you need to get up. Move your alarm to the other end of your room, so you have to get up to turn it off. Or do some jumping jacks or other workout routines to get you up and moving.

This gets your blood flowing and your body ready to get moving for the day.

2. Find Inspiration

Learning to rise early is key to anyone studying to become a doctor. Listen to podcasts that teach you how to wake up early. Some of them can be interesting and humorous. A good morning laugh will surely get you going.

If podcasts are not for you, books, blogs, and articles about early rising are recommended reads too. Search online for webinars or eBook downloads that teach you how to be an early bird.

Remind yourself of the importance of rising early. After all, you are going to be a doctor someday. One day, you’ll be on call. You may get called into the hospital at 3 AM and need to get there fast.

You may as well learn now as a med student how to get up and get to work in the mornings without delay.

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3. Wake Up Motivated

Try to get motivated and excited about your day. This will make you want to leap out of bed. Making an early rise something fun will motivate you to do it daily.

Motivate yourself by doing something fun in the mornings. Play music, catch up on personal reading, or create a morning workout routine for yourself.

Think of the blessings that patients will receive thanks to your efforts and love for medicine. Maybe you’ll help find the cure for cancer one day!

Those medical dreams should get you motivated, so you can proceed while others standstill.

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4. Rest Properly

Make sure you go to bed at a decent hour if you want to wake up early. This helps you avoid being groggy and cranky in the mornings.

Keep an eye on your health habits as well, like diet and exercise. Your level of fitness affects how rested you feel. And in turn, this affects how well you accomplish your medical career goals.

5. Stay Consistent

Set your alarm for the same time every morning, even on days you don’t have school or clinical rotations. This helps condition your mind to get up early each day, without fail.

Our bodies become conditioned to consistent hours and regulate sleep patterns. You’ll receive more precious REM sleep when you are consistent about what time you go to bed each night.

6. Don’t Slow Down

After waking up early, the challenge is to stay awake at stay alert. Have your morning coffee. But don’t get too comfortable while drinking it. You may fall back to sleep. And this is a detriment to your morning routine.

The best thing you can do is maintain the energy you stir up from within throughout the rest of your day.

Motivate yourself using your passion for becoming a physician. Follow these six steps. Create a morning routine and stay consistent with it.  You must proceed while others stand still, because, let’s face it, the early bird gets the worm.

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