Plan While Others Play: How Badly Do You Want to Become a Doctor?

Plan While Others Play How Badly Do You Want to Become a Doctor - MedSmarter

Plan While Others Play: 5 Ways to Make Your Medical Career Dreams Reality

Everything you do in life costs you something. Whether it’s time away from family, spending money, or even missing your favorite TV show, there are costs. How badly do you really want to become a doctor? If it’s bad enough, you need to plan while others play.

Each big dream requires dedication and hardships. Studying to become a doctor as a med student usually comes from the dream of helping the sick. Do you have what it takes to accomplish your medical goals and reach your dreams? Then, you need to plan the way you work, study, and play to get the job done.

There’s more to learning how to be a doctor than what textbooks teach you. This is why we’ve compiled these five tips for med students looking for ways to accomplish medical career goals:

1. Schedule Your Time Effectively

Get enough sleep. Stop saying you don’t have time to sleep because you do. You may not be using your time wisely. Maybe you’re addicted to late nights watching TV or playing video games, which never help. But with proper planning, you’d be surprised how much work you can get done with proper rest.

2. Do More Than Most

Doing anything phenomenal is never easy. If you want something to happen badly enough, you should push harder than others working toward the same goals. Successful people make things happen, including dedicated medical students.

3. The Only Limitation Is You

Ignore whatever the negative voice in your head is saying you can’t do. You can do that and so much more… you just need to put in the effort. You can be a morning person, but your own negativity can hold you back. Stop throwing yourself a pity party and plan to wake up early and get things done.

Remember, the early bird gets the worm. So, plan while others play.

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4. Accept the Cost of Dreaming Big

If you want to live your dream, then you have to pay the price. Are you willing to invest in your future as a doctor? Be truthful with yourself. Dreams don’t come cheap. You get what you pay for in the end. Never haggle or settle when it comes to the price of your dreams.

5. Start Early, Finish Early

When you finish your work early, it’s truly a great motivator. You’ll accomplish much more through planning than those waking up after you’re done. Additionally, you’ll gain more confidence and your schedule opens up more. Now, you have even more time for studying, sleeping or simply enjoying life.

Planning to Become a Doctor in the US?

Studying to become a doctor may not be easy, but it isn’t impossible. Look past your negative thoughts and discover the untapped potential within you. As long as you pace yourself and plan while others sleep, you will do great things as a future physician.

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