How to Fight Fatigue While Attending Medical School

How to Fight Fatigue While Attending Medical School

Fight Fatigue: Make Yourself Your #1 Priority

While this is common and normal, you have to learn how to make yourself a priority. Don’t forget about yourself. This can leave you feeling fatigued in the long run. .

It’s important to find balance. Find something you can do to take off the pressure and relax you. This could be something simple like journaling or yoga.

Ask for help. It’s so amazing. Nobody will judge you for not having it all together. Getting help is a step in the right direction. It will help you deal with all the stress and remain sane.

A medical student’s life involves taking long hard courses and experiencing new things every day. At the end of each day, you’re expected to take in a bulk of information. We have tips for you to avoid suffering from fatigue.

There’s also pressure to prove that you’ll make a really good doctor. All this can leave you drained.

With all that going on in your life, it’s possible to end up thinking of everything else. You may forget about taking care of yourself while attending medical school.

2 Useful Skills to Help Medical Students Take Care of Themselves

There are two skills you can adopt that will help you remain sane and combat fatigue during your journey in medical school.

1. Mindfulness

The first is mindfulness. This is taking time during different experiences to listen to yourself. Assess how you truly feel about the situation. Adopt mindfulness to help you always think about yourself. You’ll find yourself remembering to take good care of you.

2. Gratitude

The other skill is gratitude. Give thanks in all situations. No matter how hard the task, appreciate it. Deal with the situations with an open mind. This makes it easier on you because you’re open to any outcome.

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6 Tips to Fighting Fatigue as a Medical Student

Here are six things you can do to reduce fatigue on your journey to becoming a doctor:

1. Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep every night. Have a sleep routine where you sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time each morning. This will help you get enough rest.

Take a few minutes to rest before you sleep. And do away with daytime naps altogether Stick to your sleeping schedule to help you fight fatigue.

2. Eat Regularly

Instead of having one big meal in the course of the day, have several small ones. Food helps boost your energy. It helps you have enough energy to get through your day.

But make sure you are eating healthy foods. They provide more energy than junk foods and unhealthy snacks.

3. Drink a Lot of Water

It’s important to stay hydrated. Especially if you will be moving around a lot or if you have a lot to study.

If you get dehydrated, this will lead to fatigue.

4. Cut Out Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine may seem like the best option when you are tired. But they are your worst enemy because they lead to fatigue.

These drinks mess up your sleep pattern. Which makes you end up tired the next day.

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5. Seek Help When Needed

It’s not a crime to ask for help. When you feel overwhelmed and cannot find the balance, it’s okay to seek assistance when you need it.

This doesn’t mean you’re weak. It shows that you care about yourself. And you want to get better.

6. Exercise Regularly

If you’re always on the move, exercising can help keep in shape. You will shade off the extra weight that may be slowing you down.

It’s difficult as a medical student to have everything under control especially because you are working in a stressful environment. Feeling fatigued is common.

Follow the tips and skills above to help you deal with fatigue. You will remain energetic and in the right mind to get through medical school.

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