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America Needs More Women Medical Students & Female Surgeons


For the last two years, women have outpaced men in medical school attendance. This shows that more avenues are opening up for women to forge paths in areas of medicine previously denied to them. The new trend is also leading to an increase in women medical students across the country. This increase in gender diversity in medical education is good news. However, Americans still have quite a way to go in closing the gender gap faced by women in medicine. How can we close the male-dominated gender gap in the field of surgery? In what ways can we create more gender diversity for women who want to be surgeons? Women Only Represent [...]

America Needs More Women Medical Students & Female Surgeons2019-05-31T19:33:32-04:00

It’s Time to Put These Top 5 MCAT Score Myths to Rest


The MCAT, or Medical College Admission Test, is a standardized exam you must pass to get into most medical schools. This article identifies misconceptions about getting high scores on this US medical exam. Learn the truth behind these MCAT score myths. Busting the Top 5 MCAT Score Myths Because it is such an important test, people often go online looking for tips or other information. The problem with this is the huge amount of misinformation you'll come across. There are loads of articles about how to get a good MCAT score floating around the Web. This is why we've created this list of top five MCAT myths to clear the air [...]

It’s Time to Put These Top 5 MCAT Score Myths to Rest2019-05-31T19:25:49-04:00

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