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Abigael is a professional writer and a SEO expert. She is a word smith with a diverse experience in all aspects of content Creation including: Blog writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO Optimization), Keyword Research, Article Writing, Technical Writing , Social Media Marketing, and Editing. She currently blogs for MedSmarter. When she's not writing she enjoys playing basket ball, reading books and watching movies.

The Basic Guide to Becoming a Doctor in the US


Becoming a doctor is an exciting journey – that’s why you chose this career path. You don’t just become a doctor overnight…there are some steps you have to follow to reach the top of your career. Each one is essential and has been designed specifically for the well-being of the patients and to make sure the United States attains the highest standards of medical care. Now that you are looking forward to becoming a doctor in the US, what are some of the steps you should take? The Basic Guide to Becoming a Doctor in the US The Becoming a Physician Journey: A Step-By-Step Guide For you to work and live [...]

The Basic Guide to Becoming a Doctor in the US2019-10-31T21:41:43-04:00

Doctor-Nurse Communication: Learn to Work Together Now in Med School


Doctor-nurse communication and relationships play important roles in quality healthcare. As a future doctor, it's important to understand that you and the nurses around you will need each other. Together, you are a team! When doctors become commanding and controlling, the team becomes dysfunctional. So, you need to learn to communicate with nurses now, as a med student, before you start practicing medicine. Doctor-Nurse Communication Helps Drive High-Quality Patient Care. Image Source: Travel Nurse Source Doctor-Nurse Communication: Why Doctors Should Listen to Nurses More In a normal hospital situation, the patient care team is made up of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. This list includes med students doing clinical rotations, [...]

Doctor-Nurse Communication: Learn to Work Together Now in Med School2019-05-31T19:23:56-04:00

7 Steps to Become a Doctor After High School


Medicine is one of the most awesome paths to choose as a career goal. You've probably been dreaming of becoming a doctor since early childhood. If your wise, you'll start taking steps early on to become a doctor after high school. Become a Doctor After High School: These teens are members of the Macomb Future DOcs pre-college program. Image Source: Michigan State University Different Types of Physicians in the US After certification, you can choose between becoming a general practice doctor or a specialized doctor. As a general MD, you will deal with your patients' overall health. Specialized doctors focus on specific fields of study, such as neurology, orthopedics, cardiology or [...]

7 Steps to Become a Doctor After High School2019-04-07T01:28:48-04:00

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