You’ve dreamed of becoming a doctor for as long as you can remember. But maybe you lack confidence and find yourself looking for the easiest medical schools to get into.

But is this realistic? Do these types of med schools exist? And if so, will you get the quality training you need to become a good physician someday?

Here’s more…

Some people worry so much about getting accepted that they even ponder Caribbean or other overseas med schools. They’ll do anything to get in, even if that means sacrificing quality healthcare training.

Is it worth it?

Do the Easiest Medical Schools to Get into Really Exist?

Quick Answer: Yes and No

Of course, some med schools are easier to get into than others. But getting into any school of medicine all depends on you and the program itself.

3 Things That Matter

1. Location Matters

Some state schools tend to reserve a certain amount of spots for local residents who want to attend their institutions. Schools give brownie points to people who want to become doctors and practice medicine in their home cities after graduation and completing residencies.

An Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) report shows that during the 2018-2019 school year:

  • 8% attended med schools in their own states
  • 1% went to medical schools out of state
  • 1% ended up going to med schools in other countries

2. Every Med School Has Its Own Entry Criteria

Each medical program judges its applicants differently. Some put heavy weight on high GPAs and the highest MCAT scores. Others put more weight on extra-curricular activities and community involvement.

Some schools are into academic diversity. And when the law permits, there are others that factor in ethnicity and race. Nonetheless, very few qualify as the easiest medical schools to get into.

They are all different.

Some medical schools follow the AAMC guidelines very closely when considering applicants. The goal is to admit students with the ability and drive to successfully complete the program.

3. Getting into ANY Medical School Is Not That Easy

Once again, some medical schools are easier to get into than others. But that doesn’t make getting accepted easy. Pre-meds and others are finding it harder and harder to receive those acceptance letters.

Check out these 1999 to 2018 stats:

  • Number of med school applicants rose from 38,443 to 52,777
  • Number of people accepted into medical school rose from 16,221 to 21,622

In other words, there are many, many applicants in contrast to the number of spots offered. That means you need to be on your game to get accepted… because the easiest medical schools to get into also comes with major competition.

So, technically… there is no such thing as the easiest medical schools to get into… unless you want to study overseas. And even then, you’ll have to qualify.

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