Summer is almost over. It’s one week before starting med school, and you’re wondering what else you can do to prepare.

We have three tips to help you prep, so your transition into this phase of your life is as simple as possible. Complete them the week before medical school starts.

3 Tasks You Should Complete 1 Week Before Starting Med School

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3 Things to Do 1 Week Before Starting Med School

One week before starting med school…

3 Tasks – Do the Following:

  1. Determine places where you can study and complete your schoolwork
  2. Figure out where self-care resources are located on-campus and within your local area
  3. Review your notes from orientation or come up with questions you want to ask when you do attend orientation

Let’s discuss these tasks in detail:

1. Come Up with Good Study Areas

The week before starting med school, identify places where you can get your work done and study in peace. If they don’t exist. Create them. Having places that are dedicated to your academics helps you stay focused when things get hectic after school starts.

These places may be in your home, on campus or the library. If you study at home, make sure your designated area is quiet and distraction-free. There should be good lighting. And make sure your chair is comfortable, yet ergonomically correct.

Also, make sure you come up with areas that promote collaborative studying and working on group projects. Check with your medical school. They may have conference rooms you and your classmates can reserve for group projects and studying.

On-campus cafes and coffee shops are also great options. There, you can meet new classmates while sipping coffee. They are great places to study and complete coursework with others.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Self-Care Resources

As you get into the school year, medical school will become more and more intense. Your social life won’t be as exciting as it may have been during your pre-med days. It’s mandatory that you take good care of yourself.

That means maintaining a healthy diet, participating in recreational activities and maintain your mental healthcare.

The week before starting med school, get familiar with the various self-care resources available on your med school campus, as well as in the local community. This includes mental health treatment resources.

Find out which services they offer that are covered by your health insurance and whether your school provides counseling services on campus.

Make sure you seek out activities you may enjoy that are completely unrelated to medicine. Join a yoga class, take art classes or join a cooking group. Just make sure you take part in something that gets you away from studying for a little while every single week.

This will help you stay out of the medical school burnout zone.

3. Orientation Notes & Questions

If you’ve already been to orientation, one week before starting med school, go over your notes. Get familiar with the ins and outs of your new school.

Anxiously awaiting orientation?

Then, take time to write down questions you want to ask on orientation day. If you have any questions or concerns you want to address, write them down so you don’t forget once the lecture gets going.

Make sure you ask your questions before the end of the orientation. Others may have the same questions. This could lead to a really great first impression for you with other students as well as administrators.

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