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The Step 2 CS Mock Exam

The MedSmarter Live USMLE Step 2 CS Mock Exam has been structured to allow our team of Physicians to accurately assess our students’ abilities and determine their level of competence in 11-12 full standardized patient encounters.  Once students have completed their patient encounters (Interview, Physical Exam, Patient Note), we will then provide each student with comprehensive feedback and grading of their performance, which will determine their ability to pass the actual exam. Our physicians will guide and counsel you on your performance during each encounter thereby ensuring that you can improve and overcome any potential weak areas you may have prior to taking the actual exam.

Benefits of Taking Our Step 2 CS Mock Exam

Our Step 2 CS Mock Exam is unique because:

  • Limited number of student participation to one to three (1 – 3) per 6-7 hour session, giving you full, uninterrupted attention by our lead Physician(s).
  • Mock exams are taken in CS-like exam rooms, giving you the same experience as the actual CS exam
  • 1-on-1 consultation following your exam, allowing you to ask questions and/or seek guidance as you proceed
  • Cases similar to the actual CS exam, ensuring the level of difficulty and challenges are exactly as you can expect during the exam
  • We identify any potential weak areas prior to you taking the actual exam, ensuring that you do not fail on exam day

Please Enroll Now or for additional information contact an advisor.

$999.00  –  with Promo Code $899.00

USMLE Step 2 CS Mock Exam


How to Get Started

Once you have made your decision to enroll, please register for an upcoming session well in advance of your preferred start date.  Once your registration is received, you will be contacted by telephone or email within 12-24 hours to confirm from our scheduling department in order to reserve a spot that best suits your needs. Please note that if you require lodging; based on conversations with previous students, AirBNB is a good economical option for short term stays.  Accommodations can be easily located by using their App since we do not offer any at this time.

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